What’s happening in the world of the three whom (together) are one? What is the next step on the path of pop chart enlightenment for the trio, who once ran neck-and-neck with Aloud in a race to open for rock ‘n roll legend Chris Martin, and played not one, but FOUR shows with Steve “Right Front Tire on Fire” Bailey?  Well friends, it all depends who you ask…

What does Cat Basile say?

What does Cat Basile say?

Ask this Allston-based siren of the indie scene when you see her demolishing the Ask Google rating of any number of outer-Boston dives, and she’ll start talking to you like she’s trying to sell you a car full of stolen hooch from the prohibition era. “Singles are the future, kid! Put your war bonds in and wait for the Benjamins to show up!” Then, she’ll berate you every Saturday night with text-based rants about how much of a faggot you are and how she wants her own fan club just like Kate Flavin.

What does Will Deeks say?

What does Will Deeks say?

Not too much actually. He’s the strong, silent, and constantly cut-off type who pens most of the Ninja tracks. But, it is obvious that he also has singles on the mind. Spattered mentions of local legend Jack Ludden (or London, as his best friend calls him) and how he will be mastering, re-mastering, releasing, re-releasing onto blu-ray with 30 minutes of unused material, then finally re-re-releasing (with Ewoks special feature) Hello Ninja’s next batch of songs. But, if you want to really get him going, ask him to do his fan-favorite Anthony impression and you’ll get a fast-talking New England local voice that calls you bud all the time. Or you could just talk to the man that voice is based on himself.

What does Anthony Geehan say?

What does Anthony Geehan say?

TOUR-A TOUR-A TOUR! The boy with a B.A in The Last Waltz is talking up the summer tour that’s in the works for late August. He says the tour will be like The Last Waltz, except everyone forgot to show up but Van Morrison, who simply didn’t want to come (and sent Matt Demello of Stalemate in his place), and The Band went ‘round back to finish up the cocaine with Scorsese, letting Hello Ninja play instead. So, it’s exactly like The Last Waltz. Also, there will be singles being recorded this summer that will sound nothing like “Up on Cripple Creek” or “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” so they’ll suck.

Man o’ man, talk about the movers and shakers of Generation Y. Bruce Springsteen better get ready to hang up his American Dream, ‘cause I think we all know who’s here to take the reins.

-Luke Cassidy
Official Blogger for Hello Ninja

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