November Happenings


I Think of Me Too

I suppose it’s unnerving, really.  Yeah, we stopped blogging months ago, so what?  Didn’t you all see  ‘s tweet? The internet is dead! Gone! Invest in war bonds and get off of Facebook! But do you people listen? No, of course not, you bother us at our JOBS. That’s right; we work for a living!  You’d think we could live off our self-satisfaction alone, but you’d be wrong.

Cat has to buy shoes made by the guys who make heat-seeking missiles (so when she throws them at me during shows she’ll accurately strike a kill-zone), Tim’s always whining about “food-this” and “shelter-that” and if you think our producer, Jack Ludden, works for earnest promises of “I’ll be your best friend!” then you’re clearly thinking of someone who isn’t making gold records between meals.

We work, but it gets harder and harder everyday. Without the constant updates, people are walking right up to us and asking, “When are you guys going to write the next soundtrack to my life?” Will and I have meetings about it every Wednesday. “Anthony!” he says to me “All I’m trying to do is wait tables and make an honest buck to support my Sudafed habit, but every time I try to bring the guy at table seven his Rueben, there’s the teeming masses, blocking my path!  They scream at me ‘Will! When’s the new single coming out!? Is it true you penned most of Kid A and Thom Yorke won’t return your calls!? Do you REALLY know Tim Thomson!?’ It gets hard, man.” Poor kid.

So here’s the new blog, entitled “That’s a night in the box”, cause I’m sure the that’s what the Floor Boss would give Mr. Cool Hand if he didn’t keep up with his blog.  It’s a busy week on the Maximum Soul circuit. We’ve been in the studio recording the a series of three double-A side singles with Mr. Ludden, the first of which will be released October 2nd on 7” and whatever other medium is hot at the time. The masters of these songs have been kept from the public by a complicated system of red tape and bureaucracy, but amateur footage of one song can be seen here.

This week, we’re playing two shows for your viewing pleasure.  Friday, August 13 we’ll be at Ralph’s Diner in Worchester MA with Mack the Knife, Go! and The Clozapines. Ralph’s is one of my favorite destinations for a good old-fashion freak rock and roll show, and if you haven’t been yet I say it’s worth checking out.  $7 cover, show starts at 9; we go on when we revive Tim backstage.  The next day (Saturday, August 14) we return to New York City for a Turnstyle Music expo. This time we’re playing The National Underground with such acts as. Tickets are $8 online here and $11 at the door.

As for the world outside of Hello Ninja, our good friends and confidantes Aloud have a new album coming and out and a tour to match. Help support them here.  As of press time, they need less than $300 dollars to meet their goal.  Also, Roz Raskin and the Ricecakes are on tour. Check out the dates here.

That’s that, eager young space cadets!  This is Anthony “The Beat” Geehan reminding you when someone asks if it’s good to be a Hello Ninja fan tell them “It’s better than last week, but not as good as next week.”


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