New London!

Will + bleach= anime Will

This is what happens when four kids share a motel room and have 6 hours of free time.  The Ninjas arrived in New London way early and checked into the Super 8 in Groton.  They found a Starbucks in Stop ‘n Shop, bought disposable cameras at Walmart, and then passed Sally’s Beauty Supply on the way back.  Will Deeks didn’t stand a chance.  Sources say he was a very good sport about the entire bleaching incident.

Shortly after, Hello Ninja loaded the van and arrived at El n Gee precisely at 6:00 PM.  They chilled with some very friendly people for 3 hours then had their faces melted by Charlie Diamond, Honeyzoo and Deep in Green respectively.  According to the Ninjas in a post-show interview, the people of New London (and Connecticut in general) are “way SIQQQ” and playing “[El n Gee] was a total ball!”.

Here is a picture of their new friends, Honeyzoo

Honeyzoo @ El n Gee

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